【University】Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) and its countermeasure ①

Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) is the standardized test for the foreign students evaluating their general level of knowledge when they want to enter universities in Japan.

Please look at the chart below for detail.  This exam is held twice a year, June and November, its languages of test questions have two choices, “Japanese” and “English,” but we strongly recommend you to take EJU using “Japanese.” Test score is valid for two years. 

There are three countermeasures. 

First of all, please bear in mind that “Japanese” is the most important subject of all, because the score of Japanese dominates more than a half of the whole.  In short, improving Japanese helps you get the total score higher, and you can do it more efficiently thanks to its ratio of the score. You should study Japanese every day, study another subjects in turn, and this would be the appropriate study plan for preparing EJU.

Secondly, the characteristic of EJU test questions is evaluating students’ general level of knowledge, which means you have understood the basis of all test subjects. All of us have some strong (favorite) subjects or weak (dislike) subjects, and this is natural.  In order to work on and overcome the weak subjects, please repeat studying its basic practice thoroughly, and you could improve its score steadily. 

Third, by its characteristics of each subjects, we should take the different approach, how to study and how to prepare. ①Some subjects which require memorizing such as “Japanese(日本語)” and “Japan and the World(総合科目),” ②subjects which require understanding its reason or logic such as “Math(数学)” and “Physics(物理),” and ③“Chemistry(化学)” which requires you to conquer “Katakana.” In addition to that, you need to train yourself for ④“Japanese Listening(EJU日本語聴解).” You had better think and find out how to study these different subjects efficiently.  As of the detail of each learning methods, we will introduce you one by one in this blog article.

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