【University】【Graduate School】 How to spend summer break and a recommendation of joining Open Campus

“How to spend summer break”

Summer break is finally here! Summer break is the most important time for the international students who wish to go to university and graduate school, because the entrance exams for University and Graduate school’s will officially start from Autumn to Winter, and thus you should make the most of the time during the summer!

We have heard that “I do not like spending summer break because I have to study alone, which makes me feel very lonely…” from EHLE’s student. First of all, do not mix up nights and days, “Early to bed, Early to rise.” Keeping this routine, then although you enjoy long hours sleep at night, but you can study as the same amount of time as you spend during school season. (And do not need feel guilty!)

In addition, it is better to make the study plan before summer break.

This is the chance you should tackle with the subjects you are not good at,

and overcome your weak points. And of course, you have to keep brushing

up Japanese. And the ideal time schedule is like this: study one hour, and

take 10 minutes break, keep the same routine you do everyday at school.

If you do so, you are less likely to get tired. Last of all, as for the study

planning, you must study Japanese everyday and study other subjects

in turns. During the weekend, please do exercise or take a break. The

most important thing is, do not escape from the reality or do not deteriorate

your physical condition, such as being addicted to the online game or staying

in an air-conditioned room for a long time and so on. Watch out!

“A recommendation of joining Open Campus”

One recommendation is to join Open Campus during this summer break. Especially, to those who plan to go to universities or vocational schools, this is the chance to find the school “perfect for you,” among thousands of choices. Especially 2021 is the Covid-19’s second year, each school has been preparing online open campus with abundant contents. (Then, wherever you are, you can join online open campus.)

To whom those wish to go to the graduate school, open campus (or more likely to be “visiting professor’s study room”) can be the turning point, which might change your life drastically. It seems most of graduate school professors are fully-booked and never captured during school season, but summer has come, finally they have time. You had better make an appointment directly, and if you have a chance to visit them, then you can tell them your research proposal as well as impress them your personality. This would be the golden opportunity, then of course, you have to prepare well beforehand to make the perfect presentation about your research proposal. At Ehle Institute, we will also introduce another school’s open campus event, please take an advantage of this opportunity!

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