【Indonesia】 EHLE joins JIN Online Seminar! (2021/09/11)

To everybody in Indonesia,

EHLE Institute will join a online seminar held by Japan Indonesia Network in Bandung, Indonesia. EHLE’s graduate, Benny san will help us as an interpreter!

We will introduce you about the EHLE’s course, talking about studying Japanese language / going to a university in Japan / working in Japan, as well as showing you the video of EHLE Institute’s environment, the message from mentor (class teacher), interview of a student successfully entering universities! And we will have Q&A, too!

To those who are interested in EHLE Institute, and those who want to listen to the detailed information in Indonesian language, please join us!

Kami berharap dapat melihat Anda semua!

Date and Time: September 11th (Sat.) of 2021, 13:00~16:00 (Indonesian time)

Inquiry:Japan Indonesia Network

*This event has already ended. Terima kasih!


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