Hello, everyone!

This is EHLE Institute.

EHLE Institute is the educational institute, in which has Japanese Language School and Vocational School, and locates in the center of Osaka city, Namba.  

By the way, today May 2nd is our school’s foundation day.

We have adopted the Mentor system (Each class has a mentor who is supporting students’ schoolwork and the problems of their lives).  In addition to the periodic consulting, students anytime can ask mentors for help regarding the issues such as applying University or Graduate School, revising their thesis, and practicing the interview by one on one thoroughly consulting.

As for our graduates’ accomplishment, using the abundant data and the teaching experience, our school has successfully sent many graduates to enter Japanese Ivy League, Graduate Schools, and prestigious Private Universities, such as Tokyo University’s Graduate School, Osaka University, and Ritsumeikan University.

In terms of the curriculums of business course, we have adopted the internship, helping students find a job at Japanese companies, such as The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd., Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd., and JTB Corporation.

“To Reach and to Delicate” is the word that shows EHLE’s mission, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to cultivate students who are always aware of the others and help them.

In this blog, we will write the articles about the tip of studying Japanese language, EJU’ practice, advice regarding schoolwork, the application to the universities, and Job-hunting. In addition to the academic contents, we will also have the articles about Japanese culture, school’s events in Japan and overseas, and the reports of EHLE’s activities. 

Thank you.

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