Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)


Today, we introduce you one of Japanese cultures and traditions, “Shodo”

Shodo is a form of calligraphy or artistic writing using “writing brush (named “毛筆, mohitsu”) and black ink (named “墨, sumi”), and convey writer’s message throughout its letters or fonts.

Shodo was originated and developed in China with the background of “Chinese characters (Kanji),” and brought to Japan in the 6th to 7th century while Buddhism had been introduced as well. The whole process of this cultural transmission was very spontaneous because there is an important Buddhist training called Shakyo, requires people to copy Buddhist scriptures to another paper.

Let’s see and enjoy traditional beauty of Japanese Calligraphy from the link below.

The Beauty of Calligraphy

In addition, it is said that there are lots of benefits of Shodo lessons, such as improving our sensibility or intelligence.

The Effect of Reducing Stress

At Shodo lessons, we are focusing on writing, which will bring about the peace of mind and reducing stress.

The Effect of Improving Concentration

At Shodo lessons, while we are writing, if we are distracted or absentminded, then our mentality will be shown up by the form of a character. Under this circumstance, again try to focus on writing, then you will get back the peace in your mind.

It is said that Shodo lessons have the benefits to train concentration for work or for study.

The Effect of Training Patience

At the very first Shodo lesson, facing the paper, many of us may feel confused that we cannot write the letters beautifully. Shodo lessons need a lots of training. After long hours of training, then finally we can write letters beautifully. In order to do so, we practice to write the same letters, same script repeatedly, then naturally develops patience in our mental throughout the Shodo lessons.

The Effect of Keeping the Good Posture

We take the posture of “Seiza, 正座, the standard formal way of sitting” at Shodo lessons.

Seiza requires us to straighten our backs and keep this posture during the lesson, then we have been naturally learning and acquiring this good posture if we regularly take Shodo lessons.

As we have learned so many benefits of Shodo lesson so far, why don’t we start practicing Shodo?

There are online lessons of Shodo, please search it on the web if you are interested in.

For the refence, you can learn the basis of Shodo from the link below.

The Basis of Calligraphy

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