Renewed! EHLE Institute’s Short-term course

This short-term course is for intermediate to advanced level (JLPT N4 or above) students who want to apply the long-term course.  You will learn in our long-term classes and curriculum. You can advance all four areas of your Japanese skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

If you study in the short-term course, and enter the long-term course afterwards, your enrollment fee ¥70,000 (of long-term course) will be deducted.

April course (April 18th (Mon.) ~ June 30th (Thu.)):Tuition ¥180,000 (Sorry, the admission for April course was closed.)

July course (July 4th (Mon.) ~ September 22nd (Thu.), except Summer Break(July 30~August 22)) :Tuition¥ 120,000

Oversea Residents:Online

Residents in Japan:The Mix of online and face-to-face class

Please refer to the detail:短期コース(日本語)

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