“In order to prevent being too nervous at exam, let’s try doing simple physical exercise.”

Being nervous is very usual when you are confronted to the important event, because it is the psychological and natural action when a person is frightened or worried about something that might happen. If you are in this situation, actually you do not have to take it too seriously because it is a matter of course. However, regardless how much you work hard to control your feeling, but sometimes you are too nervous to overcome it. If you feel you are excessively nervous, then try to think like this: “It is not only me. So is everyone.” Then, you may be able to keep yourself calm. However still you cannot get back calmness at any cost, then please try this method, and I hope it will work for you too! Draw doodles or whatever, try doing simple physical exercise intentionally. Human beings instinctively tend to ease nervousness by moving a part of our body. We frequently see the people when getting irritated or nervous, start jiggling their knees, and this is the sign of human’s natural action. We can use this method at party’s speech in addition to when taking an exam. At the timing when you stand up, holding an item such as a pencil or a brooch, and play with it while making a speech, then you can feel you will not be too nervous. If you could afford it more, and then please try to be aware of your breath. Anyway, if you keep doing simple physical exercise for the time being, then you will be eased naturally.

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