What is “May blues”?

In Japan, “May blues” indicates several symptoms of depression that usually college or high school’s freshmen or workplace recruits have experienced shortly after starting their new career in April, try to adopt their new environment quickly, and as a result unconsciously overstrain themselves. 

Also, it may be caused by the disorder of the circadian rhythm after the long vacation of May (Golden Week).  “I do not feel well,” or “I do not want to go to work,” etc., these feelings might be come up in our mind because we feel it is very hard to get back to our routine after taking a long break.

Symptoms of “May blues”

“I suddenly cannot do what I could do smoothly before,” “I have lost interests in my hobby, for which I felt the strong passion before,” “I always have vague anxiety and the sense of insecurity,” “These days I get tired easily,” “I am very worried and stressed out.” These feelings are typical symptoms of “May blues,” tend to be appeared as the mental disorders. In addition to this, physical disorders such as stomachache, the loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, insomnia might be occurred. 

How should we prevent to have “May blues”?

We must bear in mind that “it is ok to feel stress in this modern society.”  Having this mind, we must know or learn how to reduce our stress as well.

First of all, take a good care of yourself. In order to do so, sleep well, exercise regularly, and enjoy what you like (hobby), and establish your routine. 

At the same time, if you have some concerns, do not keep it to youself, please consult it with your boss, co-workers, family, firiends, somebody around you.

If you do not have anybody, you can consult with counselors.  Having “May blues,” in other words, “depression” is not something to be ashamed of.  Keeping the mental health is essential for us to work on studying or up to the task at the office.

We hope you all come back to school or work healthy and cheerfully!

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